Valentine Cards

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Some people don't go for valentines day and I get that 100%. It is so commercialised these days it's easy to become sceptical. About 20 years ago I went out for a meal on Valentines Day, the quality and service was so dire - much worse than going on any other day of the year that I promised never to go out on the actual night ever again.

Last year I heard from a colleague who refused to celebrate Valentines Day, in fact they call it Bright Underpants Day in their family. I think it's the whole thing of picking up one of a million bunch of roses at Waterloo or a petrol station which just emphasizes the whole thoughtlessness of how it can be. Pressure for people to buy something for their loved one, and then getting them something that is really just a rip off and not is that thoughtful at all.

That is why, one of my custom made cards (at only £4.00) is not a rip off, shows thought and is deeply personal. It can also be framed if you like to last forever for £15.00 but here it is, although I like a poetic theme, you can have words you want jokey, romantic, whatever...

Also - you can give one of my bespoke cards to your love any day of the year.


Here are some examples and ideas to show that anything goes.... wifey for lifey, wonderful wife, handsome husband, gorgeous girlfriend, brilliant boyfriend, you're lovely, you're my favourite, goldenballs, I love your xxxx.

What do you think? Do you like to send a valentine card? Do you like to receive a valentine card? I'd love to hear your views on the topic....

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