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The Hen Do Poetry Party

Poetry Parties for Hen Do's

Wherever a hen do is happening, be it a spa, hotel or bowling (whatever), I can add to the whole experience in a way which puts the icing on the cake.  I come along and facilitate conversation  for an hour or so  which not only is lots of fun but provides gold dust for me to create a bespoke, personalised tribute to the bride to be that is contributed to by all.  So at the end of the session there is a rhyming speech in honour, like no other gift which will last forever.  

After the event, I type up, print and frame the ode (or scroll box if preferred) and send to the bride to be.  I can't think of a more thoughtful gift.

The Hen Do Poetry Party is a new product and has an introductory price of £180.00.  Message me to chat and discuss dates. 


Poetry Parties

Make cards and create a poem for the birthday boy or girl.

Lucy Fry Bespoke Poetry has designed a completely unique way to party.

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Childrens' card making and poetry party

£200 (10 children)

The format of the LFBP poetry party comprises a  craft session where children make five different styles of card.  Whilst the children are being creative, we chat about the birthday child and a we create a personalised poem for them with contributions from all of the party goers.  The final poem will be printed and framed after the party.  Cost for up to 10 children includes all materials,  a party bag  with their own cards for each child and a framed poem for the birthday child.  Venue, catering and cake not supplied.